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Continuous, Rapid Innovation

Financial services is rapidly moving to a digital-only model. In today’s world of financial services, it’s critical that all businesses have the ability to create a proposition that is unique, both visually and functionally. Operational Backbone empowers banks and FI’s to increase delivery velocity and release frequency




Operational Backbone

The Operational Backbone provides the core functionality for your team to build, run and monitor a resilient enterprise-grade digital banking solution.

Developer teams can quickly build and deploy new functionality leveraging a pre-defined digital banking solution architecture, allowing them to focus on creating customer-value.

Speed is THE Competitive Advantage

Our platform empowers banks and digital wallets to deliver customer improvements securely and compliantly multiple times per day. Innovation velocity is key to success- the most successful digital-native banks release x4.6 more frequently than traditional banks. Frequent releases form the foundation of innovation.

4.6x faster

Operational Backbone

Operational Backbone is a Continuous Innovation toolkit designed to help developers create and deploy new capabilities quickly and easily.

Innovation Toolkit

Continuous Innovation toolkit

Seamless integration of security practices in every stage of your software lifecycle, Plumery ensures the highest level of protection for your applications. From code inception to deployment, our solution enables banks and FI’s to access rapid and secure development, reducing vulnerabilities and enhancing overall resilience.

Create & Deploy

Build and deliver your own differentiated product capabilities in a fintech-grade developer environment.

How regularly can I release?

5 times a day or once every 5 days. It’s entirely up to you. We don’t force to into a release cycle, but we want to make sure the technology can move as rapidly as your ambition.

What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps stands for development, security, and operations. It's an approach that helps banks deliver their own rapid innovation, while maintaining the high level of security thats critical for regulated organisations.

How much faster can I release?

In addition to the DevOps tools, we have build a number of accelerators to make building easier and faster. Delivering your own innovation can be done with 30% less time and cost with Plumery.