The platform for rapid innovation in modern banking.

Enabling banks to implement their mobile and web apps blazingly fast, at lower cost, and to continuously deliver meaningful value to their customers multiple times a day.

Proudly crafted by the builders of globally leading banking platforms.

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Why customers choose plumery

Average customer
goes live from project start

3x faster

Average customer
goes live from project start

Saves 50%

Average customer
goes live from project start

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Build superior digital experience at a lower cost

We enable our customers to focus on building great experiences by bringing together the benefits of ready-to-user banking services, combined with the flexibility to differentiate yourself by rapidly developing and continuously improving new unique capabilities on top.

Build new services quickly by focusing on your specific functionality and leveraging pre-defined micro-services templates with security, observability, event-driven, and other architecture concerns taken care of.

Deliver improvements daily

With constantly evolving customer expectations, emerging technologies, and increasing competition from different directions, traditional banks must adapt quickly to stay relevant. Those that do not innovate and improve continuously risk losing customers to more agile and innovative competitors.

Our platform enables banks and digital wallets to innovate and deliver improvements to their customers multiple times a day in a compliant and secure way.

Discover your customer needs

Leverage our embedded analytics and data management capabilities to collect and analyze customer data to personalize experiences, offer relevant products and services, and create a seamless digital journey.

By leveraging data insights, you gain a deeper understanding of customers behaviors and preferences, which can help you build the right products to meet their needs, establish stronger relationships, increase loyalty, and drive business growth.

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