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Why spend valuable engineering resources on common, non-differentiating features? Use Plumery’s Digital Banking Services (DBS), a library of headless universal capabilities needed for every digital bank/finance app.

schematic representation of digital banking services
schematic representation of digital banking services
3d lightning with smooth surface


3d illustration of mobile devices

Compromise UI

3d cube in sections

Composable banking experience

Digital Banking Services

Digital Banking Services provide a library of out-of-the-box capabilities.

They are built in a headless manner, meaning you can build a no-compromise UI whilst leveraging the speed of pre-built components.

iIceberg illustration with standard requirements above the water and all functional under.
iceberg illustration with standard requirements above the water and all functional under.

Iceberg: The Complexity is Beneath the Surface

70% of the effort of a mobile or web banking application is below the surface. Plumery’s capabilities massively accelerate launch by providing all of the standard requirements out-of-the-box

50% faster

Beautiful Apps

The speed of product, without any compromise

Customers expect beautiful and intuitive user experiences. 80% of customers priortize a great digital experience when selecting a bank. Investing in digital engagement is critical from remaining competitive in todays landscape

Launch in <6 months
mobile screen with banking application
two screens with banking app
man's hand with smartphone with application screen
Having a no-compromise mobile or Web experience is important. It’s the manifestation of your identity and needs to be as unique as your business.
Build and deliver your own differentiated product capabilities in a fintech-grade developer environment.

Why Headless?

Your UI needs to be unique. A headless approach enables you to build and launch at blazing speed, without accepting any compromise in the look and feel.

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How quick to launch?

A digital banking solution normally takes 9-12 months. Using Plumery a first launch can be achieved in 4-6 months, with a cost reduction of 45%.

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What team size do I need?

Plumery helps you do more with less. Our team of 5-6 is sufficient for an initial build. Trust us to provide cost-effective solutions that aid in your success.


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